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Putting on a show


I picture you

pure paradise

perfectly poised

putting on a show

in a little black dress.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Andre Kohn


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Another of the songs I like but you may not know.

Except that if you know Lana Del Rey, you will know this.

I am a great admirer of Miss Del Rey. She has a style all of her own. Her lyrics are evocative, clever, witty and often deeply moving. And at times exquisitely submissive. Her music is quite unique. I have been enchanted by her since her early YouTube postings.

In addition she has a face that I think I might have fallen in love with. And I am not a man for celebrity crushes.

I could have chosen any song. But I have selected this one because there is almost no better music for a sexually submissive soul to dance to for her Master.

It was recorded, I believe, way back in 2008 and, while she has improved in every sense since then, this one turns me on. It is raw, languid,and sexy.



Yayo written and performed by Lana Del Rey

Blog post © the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph of Lana Del Rey © Billboard magazine (I think, but if not, please let me know)


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