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This Heart

This heart has weathered bleak winters

When the cold sun refused to break cloud,

When a black dog chewed at my fingers,

When leaving made my cry out aloud.


This heart has suffered cruel springtime,

When the green pulse mocked me with life.

When the promise of renewal was broken,

When expectant sparks all failed to ignite.


This heart has been wild and romantic,

This heart has borne time and change.

Yet if this heart should ever lose you,

This heart will never beat boldly again.


This heart has endured empty summers

When the dull heat tormented my days,

When the thunder drowned out the music,

When my carnival was ruined by rain.


This heart has braved the dying autumn

When death danced in the flickering leaves,

When mist obscured all I had longed for,

When lies left me nothing to believe.


This heart has been sure and certain.

This heart has always resisted the chill.

Yet if this heart should ever lose you

This beating heart will forever be still.

Copyright the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph by ASilentMelody


Posted by on August 19, 2012 in Poetry, Wears my ring


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