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Minor mystery

Here is a minor mystery.

These are the top five-page views, by country, on my blog for the last 7 days.

As you would expect, the USA, UK and Canada feature in the top three. They are English-speaking countries where I have a number of followers.

India is perhaps a surprise, but it is a populous country with huge numbers of English speakers – and past Twitter retweets of my words by a famous Indian film star has helped me gain followers. Still, it is unexpected and requires closer scrutiny.

But Portugal? It is a non-English speaking country – although to be fair, all the Portuguese people I’ve met speak good English. But the entire population is maybe 10.5 million souls.

The answer is not that I have developed a huge fan base in that very lovely country.

It is one person regularly viewing over and over.

In fact, 1,727 times in the last three months.

Now I wonder why.



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