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Important notice ref e-mail notifications

I have discovered that an individual who receives e-mail notifications of new posts is plagiarizing (stealing) my words. Not only is it a pathetic thing to do, it is also illegal. That is an issue I will deal with separately.

However, it has given me cause to review all the e-mail addresses with whom this site automatically communicates. Some go back many years and are probably no longer valid.

In order to protect my work I am going to delete ALL e-mail notifications shortly and ask if those still interested would re-apply for e-mail notifications. In case I do not recognise who you are it might be wise if you add a note to my About Page or indeed anywhere on my blog – or send a DM to me on @RomDominant

I deeply apologise for this apparent over reaction, but it is by far the cleanest way to address a problem that, for all I know goes beyond the individual concerned.

Please believe me that I am delighted that honest readers would want to know when I have made a new post. It is humbling.

Thank you for continuing to read my untidy jumble of words. It is greatly appreciated.

Indeed, it is part of the reason I keep writing.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant



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You know who you are

There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft… When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.

Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner)

These words by the incredibly talented Afghan-born writer Khaled Hosseini capture the ugliness and cruelty of theft. If you believe in a god – any god – then truly all sin is rooted in theft. If you are an atheist (as I am) it surely should be core to your personal values that you do not steal.

The stealing of words is no less dirty (though perhaps not as brutal) than any other form of theft. It shows a weakness of character and an absence of morality. It defines the perpetrator as being without ethics, without honesty and without pride. It reveals them as a person who cannot be trusted, cannot be liked, cannot be admired.

It lowers their worth and standing as a human being.

To the person who is stealing from me – I know who you are.

I can, and I will, l expose you at any time. I enjoy that power I have over you.

But more important. You know who you are. You know you are nothing more than a common thief.

And you know that I pity you and I despise you.

Without my words you are a pathetic, empty, talentless nobody.



Quote © Khaled Hosseini

Post @ the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art from the web –




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You know who you are

Art by Fabian Perez

You know who you are.

Over the years I have been plagued by plagiarists.

People who steal my writing and pretend it is their own.

It is theft, it is illegal, and it is immoral.

And right now, I know that you are regularly coming here and copying. You are posting my words as if you wrote them. You are a liar and a fraud, and utterly without talent of your own.

So here is a warning. I will soon be devoting serious time (and I mean serious time) every week to finding you. I am buying software which will track every stolen piece down. I also have someone who will help me. It does not matter where on the web your site is, we will find you.

And when I do, I will report you to Facebook, or Instagram, or WordPress, whichever host you use. Because you are breaking international copyright law (in all countries), and also the host’s rules. Your site will be closed down.

But before I do that, because when it comes to protecting my work I am a vicious, vindictive, vengeful bastard, I will make sure that you are truly humiliated first. I will ensure that all your followers who have been conned by you into thinking you have half a creative brain will know what a sad little fake you are.

And if your site is successful, or even more, if you have published anywhere on the web, I will take legal action. Believe me I have the money, the balls, the contacts, and the bloody-mindedness to do it. In short, I will make you feel so small that you will crawl away and wish that you had never heard of me.

So, if I were you I would delete what you have already stolen, and stop taking any more. Right now.

This is your only warning.

I WILL be coming to get you

And I will be brutal in completely fucking destroying you.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez




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An Open Letter to a Fake

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This is an open letter

It is addressed to  – someone on Facebook using my pseudonym (Romantic Dominant) and stealing my words.But in many ways it is addressed to all those who believe that to steal the words of another and pretend that they are their own is acceptable behaviour. It is not. It is theft. It is also deeply sad.

Dear fake

You have chosen to steal my name and my words. You will hopefully understand that I am less than happy about this. I believe it gives me the right to share publicly some of my thoughts on your personality and motives.

I have to say I was initially surprised to see you had stolen first of all my name, and then so many of my words. Even though you are not the first. I suspect you will go on doing so, even though so many people know you are a fraud. But having thought about it, I realise you have no alternative. I will explain why in a moment.

First of all I’m going to make some assumptions about you. You will find them disturbingly accurate. I have an extraordinary sixth sense.

You are male, somewhere between sixteen and early twenties. If you are still studying, then it will not be in a creative subject, and it is certain that you are below average at whatever educational path you have chosen. If you are working – whatever field – engineer, cleaner, cook, medicine etc – you are nothing special. You are never the one who gets praise from your boss, or is ever highly regarded by your colleagues. Mainly you go unnoticed.

You are heterosexual and certainly like women. Sadly, women don’t like you. It is not that you are particularly unattractive. You simply aren’t interesting. You are dull with no sense of humour. You don’t have a girlfriend. You may just possibly may have had one, but it did not last. She left you.

You are enthusiastic sexually – but are inept and lack control, skill and variety. You ejaculate prematurely.

You don’t have many friends of your own sex. You are the guy who everyone forgets to invite anywhere.

As a result you are lonely and unhappy.

Your Romantic Dominant Facebook page is probably the only place where anyone pays any attention to you. It is the only place where you have gained any respect, or applause, or anyone takes notice. The buzz when you get a ‘like’ is a rare ray of sunshine in your life. A shot of adrenaline. It makes you feel good. And special. That is why you can’t stop and won’t stop.

The trouble is that no one is ‘liking you’. They are ‘liking me’. The persona and words they praise are not yours. They are all mine. Like all plagiarists and word thieves you have no talent. You simply have nothing to say.

To your ‘friends’, followers and readers, you simply don’t exist. Your page is all about me, not you. It is my mind, my words, my desires, my instincts, my hopes, my dreams.

You have no identity

You are a nobody

A nothing.

And what’s more, should you interact with anyone directly they will know immediately that you cannot possibly be the man who writes the verse and prose on your page. Your mediocrity will be exposed. And, like everyone else in your life, they will simply walk away.

And you will be surprised to know – I pity you.

Romantic Dominant



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez


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Last Straw


Some of you will know that I have been plagued by sad individuals stealing my words and, even more infuriatingly, stealing my identity.

Another cockroach crawls out of the woodwork

I cannot understand it. It is beyond me that someone can have so little self-esteem and self-worth, Sadly WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram do nothing to protect writers and I am worn down trying to stop these pathetic people from plagiarizing my words and my identity.

I am taking a break and will decide if I really want to continue to have my work abused in this way.

If I do not return, thank you to everyone who has read my words over the years and has been so kind and supportive.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez



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Word Theft

I hate plagiarism

This post is stolen almost word for word from me.

I am afraid this woman is a thief. Perhaps you should check out her work to see if any of it is yours.

I have posted this work twice




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Identity Theft


It is something every writer dreads.

Someone stealing your work and calling it their own.

But to have one’s identity stolen too makes it even more unbearable.

I don’t know anything about this Facebook account except the thief has no morals, no talent, and probably no life.

How does he feel? A pale, empty shadow of me. How does he feel when he is complimented on his work and he knows that he stole it? What pride or pleasure can he possibly get?

I have never understood the plagiarist, the word thief. But to create an identity based upon someone else … so sad..

He is a tragic, pathetic, pointless man, and I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him.

But it is a crime.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Screenshot captured by a friend



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Lisa the thief


It depresses me that I have to do this on my birthday.

I despise plagiarists – those who steal the words of others and use them to add value to themselves. A true writer will always credit his or her sources – and certainly not pretend that the words are their own. It is shallow and dishonest and the mark of someone without morals or scruples. Or talent.

Lisa* is such a plagiarist. She steals my words and, because what I write is nothing so special, she may well be stealing your words, or the words of those you admire.

I would appreciate whatever help you can give in exposing her and having her blog removed.

Thank you.

Romantic Dominant

PS and Lisa, you probably won’t want to steal this one.

POSTSCRIPT : Lisa appears to have closed her blog – or taken it private if that is possible on Tumblr. In some ways I am pleased, in some ways saddened. We all have something to say and I am sure that she had a message to impart. It is a pity that she chose to do it with the uncredited words of others. Thank you to all those who gave their support.

* There was a link here, but now she has gone it connects to a porn site, so I have deleted it. There might be an irony there, but I can’t see it


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