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Sometimes you hear something which completely stops you in your tracks. I actually pulled over and stopped the car the first time I heard it.

This piece of music/poetry has haunted me for a few weeks. It is by Kate Tempest, one of the UK’s most breathtaking and genre breaking poets.

It is a gorgeously romantic and sensual piece.

It has touched me deeply.

I will say no more. I will simply leave you to listen.

(this has been another of my ‘songs I like but you might not know’ posts)



Poetry and music © Kate Tempest

This blog © the author writing as Romantic Dominant

My visionary is a vision
I watch her dancing by the window
And it rips my flesh to ribbons
And the whole world is just ripples
In the middle distance
I listen to her hips
I push my kisses to her lips
We move like we were born to move
The night is teeth and pistons
And there is something in this tenderness that makes me want to live
Her mouth sets free this captive
Come close to me
Free me
Let me untangle the madness that knots you
I drop to my knees and crawl across you
I tell you I’ve got you
It’s firesmoke
So go on, give me three days of your body and mine
Time is a blind eye and I see your mind in my mind’s eye
You make me immortal
You take me to space
You are a planet
A place I’ve not known
Your body is home to rare gods
I kneel at their temple
I’m blown to bits, gentle, ferocious
We are open
Explosives have nothing compared to these sparks
So let’s fall apart
And then lie with me, breathing in the den of the dark
It’s firesmoke
Your mouth sets free this captive come close to me
Free me
Untangle the madness that knots me
You drop to your knees, you crawl across me
You lick your lips softly, it’s firesmoke
The fire rises between us
And makes us get on the wrong trains
Walk the wrong way
Make strangers smile greetings on Lewisham way
I bathe in this fire
It warms without burning
Compels without force
And it turns without turning the world
So please, you keep your purpose
Your poise and your journey
I’ll be by the fire
Thinking, nothing I’ve learned can prepare me
For everything else that needs learning
Is this how it feels to feel certain?
Coz for so many years my love’s been a burden
But now comes this fire to cleanse and restore us to fuel us and calm us and push us both forwards


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