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in others


breaks my skin.


But disappointment

in myself

cuts me

to the bone.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez


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There are times when the words cannot be written.

They come from a place of such desperate, despairing dark that their bare bleakness would blight the page

They carry with them such a toxic, tainted, tortured, tangle of lies and half-truths that I cannot allow their poison to escape.

They would be ugly and would show me as ugly to you

They would be careless and would show me as negligent to you

They would be unfair and they would show me as unworthy to you.

I cannot write these words.

They will have to lie deep in my soul

and slowly corrode.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from xShanElizabethh 



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Disappointed (again)

Man of Steel

Dear Romantic

This is not the first time that I have had cause to write.

I am disappointed in you.

I know that we sometimes don’t see eye to eye. It is inevitable given the difference in our perspectives. But usually I respect and, you will be surprised to read, even admire you. There is clearly something about hearts and flowers that resonates with women. I am honest enough to admit that I would not be nearly as compelling without your influence.

But recently you have gone beyond romantic. You have shown signs of becoming sentimental. That is unforgivable. It is a deeply unattractive trait and one which I have no desire to be associated. I have read somewhere that as women age they cry less, whereas men are compelled to shed tears more often. Believe me, tears are neither masculine nor attractive.

Much worse than that, in your recent dealings with women you have become embarrassing. Despite my efforts you have become weak, you have compromised, you have allowed your will – our will – to be bent or twisted. You have become immersed in relationships that are complex and, in straying from the pure D/s path that is our religion, have been doomed to fail. You are in danger of losing the dignity, credibility and gravitas that our experience and knowledge command.

I repeat. I am disappointed. I expect change.

Who we are depends upon it.





© the author writing as Romantic Dominant – Originally published October 2013 in this blog

Art by Anne Magill

I had fun with this when I wrote it a year ago. I thought it deserved another airing


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