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Another in my occasional ‘songs that I like but you might not have heard’ series.

Except that I hadn’t heard this one either until Thursday last week.

So we had skied the day in wonderful sunshine. The afternoon had consisted of a couple of blacks on repeat, a number of reds, tame blues, some off piste moguls, and a longish blue taken at significant speed to head back to La Clusaz. Five o’clock, still buzzing with adrenalin we slid into a bar. Almost first up on the screen was Shakira and this song from last year. It also features Maluma, apparently a fellow Colombian. All new to me but I loved it.

I have to say that listening to it and watching it this evening it isn’t quite as good as I remembered it – perhaps the buzz of the slopes had heightened Shakira’s attraction – but I have always adored her singing in Spanish. And that face and body….

I saw her perform in London in 2010 and she was pure delight.

Anyway, as you know, I am always lost to a dancer.



Song written and performed by Shakira accompanied by Maluma

Words in this post © the author writing as Romantic Dominant


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Art by Sergio Martinez Cifuentes


She has the body

of a dancer

the way she walks

the way she moves

the way she twists

the way she turns

the way she glides

the way she makes

all she wears

seem special.


She has the look

of a woman

who utterly knows

her body

and its power.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

This is one of those times when the painting had power over the poem


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