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Safe Harbour

These are not tears.

It is only smoke from the last burning bridge that has stung my eyes.

It was not easy to strike the match. Yet once alight the structure was gone in seconds.  In truth there was only my side of it to burn. The river below it ran fast and cold.

There is now no reason other than income for me to continue with these repeated working sojourns that take me away from home. With every passing week the bleak sea between Monday and Friday widens.  By Wednesday I feel as if I am stranded in the horse latitudes, my every sense straining for the faint whispering breeze of the weekend to save me from being forever becalmed.

I need to find a position that is close to everything that is now dear to me.

Somewhere that is within easy reach of the safe and certain harbour of her smile.


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Burning Bridges

I have been burning bridges

The days are wreathed in smoke.  I have set fire to all of the breathless, exotic nights and sensual, perfumed afternoons that might have been. I have watched the flames consume the leather and the rope, the blindfold and the whip, and the gentlest, most loving of touches on waiting skin.  I have seen desire, passion, submission and romance evaporate in the heat.

I have witnessed the end of the dance, and of the dancing.  The movement and the rhythm smoulder sullenly in the ashes.  I can still taste charcoal and sorrow in my mouth.

There is no return to the dark, decadent, gorgeous place where I once was a lover, and a master.  There is no going forward into the surrendering arms of yearning women whose ache resonates with my own.

These sacrifices have purified me.  For the first time in more years than I care to remember, I am clean.

I am going home.


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