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Comments Glitch

There is currently a problem with my WordPress account where comments are not showing and/or I am not seeing them.

It is actually more complicated than that, but deadly dull.

This has been a public service announcement for the few who might be vaguely interested.



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Biding his time


He has reached a point where he has to decide.

In his teens he would have called himself a poet. Although, in truth, his talent did not live up to the title . Yet he played the part. Wild eyed and long-haired, a head full of visions, a penchant for flowing white shirts and leather trousers. A singer in bands that failed. A political activist with an instinct for the underdog and a hatred of social injustice.

A romantic soul with a passionate heart.

He does not know how or when industry claimed him. Somewhere along the line he swapped his daytime jeans for a suit and tie, trimmed his shaggy locks and shaved off his beard. He traveled the world, made deals, signed contracts, represented companies and made himself at home in the boardroom

Then, fifteen years in, he’d had enough of blue-chip politics and changed his business life to running smaller companies that were in need of rescue and hope. The chance to make things happen quickly. And to consider the welfare of others. Less lucrative certainly – but far more challenging.

Yet it was still commerce that ruled his days.

The writer inside him did not complain. He worked away quietly. He did not seek a life.

He was biding his time.

Until now.



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Art by Rene Magritte

I actually wrote this a year ago – but it was perhaps premature. It is far truer now. And I added audio today. An excuse to repost.


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