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Beyond Time

Art by Hamish Blakely

It is a magical place here.

I can be anywhere I want to be.

A restaurant by the water, sunshine, grilled fish, and rough local wine. Watching the fishermen mending their nets. A blue sky swept clean of clouds.

A high peak on a stormy day, the wind torturing the bravest trees, the rain threatening, the light fading. Lost in the wild view across forest, river, and fields.

The first run of the day on fresh snow sparkling like a million diamonds. The air clear and sharp. Skis gliding effortlessly.

A summer night in the city.  Light and music spilling out onto sultry streets full of Friday promise. Friends and lovers and hopeful strangers filling clubs and bars with laughter and drama.

Best of all, with you. Your heat, your scent, your touch, your breath, your voice, your smile, your mind, your beauty, your body, your soul.

Skin on skin. You and I.

Beyond time.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant/Faded Romantic

Art by Hamish Blakely


Posted by on June 25, 2022 in Erotica, Poetry, romance, Still Life


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