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When you close your eyes

You will always be disappointed.

Each lover you take will have failed you even as his lips first brush yours.

There will never be enough romance in his words, enough adoration in his eyes.  His fingers on your skin will never erase the imprint of mine.  His touch will be clumsy compared to my elegant hand.

As he goes through his predictable routine you will long for the unpredictable.  You will ache for my darkness, the delicious sweetness of pain, the breathless intensity of pleasure,  You will yearn for my patience, my sexual generosity, my intimate and certain knowledge of everything that arouses you.

Only I will ever know all your secrets.

Only I can ever make you complete.

And even if he should take you to an unexpected climax, you will be thinking of me.

It is me inside you when you close your eyes.


Posted by on July 29, 2012 in D/s, Lovers Past


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