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A lover in the rain


I have walked in the rain with a lover

I have felt her huddled up close to me, beneath the protection of my arm, as we skipped over puddles and sidestepped streams of water rushing down the High Street. I have sheltered beneath shop and restaurant awnings with her as a torrential downpour temporarily flooded the gutters and drains. I have kissed her mouth as separate miniature tributaries beaded and joined on our faces.

I have raced hand in hand with her over a river bridge to find a dry, dripping space beneath shining weeping willows. I have stood looking out to a wild sea with rain mixing with salty spray and our laughter as we shouted our love into it.

I have run with her into the house utterly drenched and joyfully removed each others soaking clothes. Warming one another with the friction of skin on skin.

I have walked in the rain with a lover when the heavens opened above us and it didn’t matter.

Today I walked in the rain.


And it just felt miserable, wet and cold.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph stolen from humming girl

I wrote this on Valentine’s Day a year ago. Added audio has helped me justify its reappearance


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