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No escape

Surrender II by Vettriano

You can try

every cure

every potion

every remedy.


You can seek

to erase it

with drugs

with sex

with religion.


You can petition

a priest

for an exorcism,


You can hire

a  lawyer

for an injunction,



You can contract

a killer

for an elimination.


But you will never get this

out of your system.



© the author writing a Romantic Dominant

Art by Jack Vettriano



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Stable – Reprised

naked girl on horse




We shall meet

in the close, cramped,

tack-room dark where,

for almost an hour

I have shared the tight space

with saddles and hats,

bridles & bits.


The pungent odour

of horse and leather

and something sweeter

has made me heady,

has made me dizzy,

has made me hard

and tight in my jeans.

Waiting for you.


I can hear the horse

in the next stall

noisily shifting

his fifteen hands

on thin, muscular legs.

Hooves striking concrete

through soft smelling straw.


Your favourite mount

is soft mouthed

and compliant,

alert and responsive

to your hand on his flanks,

and your weight on his back,

your legs astride,

your legs open wide,

open so wide,

forgive me,

so wide.


I am leaning against

a smooth wooden table.

In the musty dark

my fingers have found

a dozen deep carvings

of passion and lust,

scratched in the wood,

ingrained with dust.

Names and arrows

and irregular hearts.

I cannot find ours.

Why can’t I find ours?


The surface is full

of today’s coats and tack,

still damp from the hack

still fresh from your back.

My throat tightens

as I breath in your smell

and the muscles of my stomach

dance beneath my skin.

I want to begin.

I can’t wait to begin.


I have your crop

clutched firmly

in my hand.

It swishes and cuts

through the silence.

Tested on my thighs

its unexpected bite

makes me cry out aloud

With my eyes tight shut

I brush my face

with the whip,

with the loop at the tip.

I imagine its hiss,

its hot stinging kiss

its fierce burning kiss.

Just a flick of my wrist.


A rhythmic swishing

through the razor edged grass

signals your arrival.

Whinnying horses

confirm your presence.

And now, at this moment

my shirt feels clammy,

my breathing is unsteady.

My heart beat deafens.

I clutch at my chest

Be quiet.

Be quiet.

You must not hear me,

until I am ready.

Until I am ready.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

I’m not sure where I found the photograph years ago, but to whomever, my apologies. I will remove it or credit it if you contact me.

Stable was inspired by my antique riding crop that I must admit in recent years has seen more action on delicious, submissive female behinds than on the flanks of equine mounts. My then lover was a keen rider and I remember waiting for her one early evening in that leather-rich tack room dark ….

Stable is one of my favourite ‘performance’ poems – by which I mean it was written to be spoken aloud rather than just read. Old blog friends will know this poem far too well but hopefully will allow me the indulgence of re-posting it once again.


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Not even for you


I cannot change the way that I am.

It is not a whim, a fashion, a style.  It is not act, a pose, an affectation. It is not a sham, a fake, a masquerade. It is not some elaborate pretence.

I have not adopted a persona to attract or to seduce.

I have not appeared as a result of some popular, titillating. empty movie.

I have always been here.

The word Dominant does not define me. It is simply a way of translating what I have always been into something that can almost be understood.

I cannot alter, modify, change, reshape, or reorient myself.

Not without betraying every thought, desire, belief, sinew and fibre of my being.

This is me.

I can never compromise.

Not even for you.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from grafzahl

I wrote this last year around this time. I have updated it slightly, adding an extra line following the release of a certain movie, about which most of you will know my feelings. I have added audio, which gives me an excuse to run it again.


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If you are a submissive



If you are a submissive

and you want to be called a slut

or a whore.

If you want to be treated cruelly. Humiliated. Stripped of dignity. Bullied. Made to crawl.

Devalued, degraded, disregarded, demeaned, demoralised.

Used. Abused.

To be always punished and disciplined.

If your idea of a perfect Dominant is of testosterone, intolerance, and impossible expectations.

If you want to be looked down upon,

And treated mean

Then I am certainly not the man for you

nor are you the woman for me



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph stolen from Pink Hazard


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Some days I am raw

I prowl and pace these rooms like a caged animal. My skin itches, my sinews are tight, my muscles cramp.  There is an ache deep in my bones.

My eyes burn with images of you dancing.

My long fingers yearn for your flesh.

I cannot focus on work, on words, on writing. I cannot apply myself to whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.

I am hard at the slightest thought of you

My mind is a tangle of ropes and restraints, cuffs and chains. My imagination is busy peeling off your clothes, kissing your throat, your breasts, your belly, your thighs.

My mouth on your sex. Your taste on my tongue.

I yearn for your body, your beauty, your pure and perfect form.

I long for you spread like sacrifice across a brass bed on white sheets.

I want your climax over and over

for my pleasure.

Some days I am so fucking raw.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph stolen from Skatefreak14



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Glimpse of thigh

Only the Deepest Red - Jack Vettriano

It seems impossible

Hours spent with her. Undressing her. Binding her.

Stretching her naked body to the four corners of the white-sheeted bed and securing her there.

Admiring, caressing, teasing, whipping, stroking, scratching, nibbling, slapping, oiling, kneading, licking, squeezing, pinching, kissing her.

Making her body dance beneath my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my hands, my thighs, melting wax, and my collection of carefully chosen toys. And my tumescent cock.

Enjoying each climax as she writhes and twists, arches and bucks, shudders and gasps.

Exploring every inch of her body. Every curve and line, every muscle, every sinew, every bone. Every pore of her gorgeous skin.

Until I am sated.

It seems impossible

That a little later, when she is dressed, and preparing to leave

Her skirt rides up high on her thigh

And my pulse quickens

And I am hard again.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Jack Vettriano






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They make me laugh

These boys

With their 50 Shades clichés,

their limited vocabulary,

their barely disguised misogyny,

their ‘do it because I say’ mentality

their unlikely claim

to a suit.


They surely only thrill

the most naive

and undemanding

of girls…


Yet perhaps it is me

that is old-fashioned.


A remnant

from some classical and heroic past


One day soon

I shall write it all

as it was

And then hang up


this blindfold

and cuffs.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez




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New Language


This is sex

There is no doubt about that.

Yet it is so much wilder and darker, decadent and dangerous, trusting and romantic than anything she ever imagined.

It is heady with instruction, breathless with restraint, stern with control, religious with submission.

It is pungent with leather, rough with rope, inky with blindfold, and stinging with whip.

It is the cold fire of nipple clamps, the gorgeous burn of wax.

It is the endless, mounting, sustained, relentless, overwhelming waves of pleasure from his briefcase of toys.

It is the skill of his long fingers, the magic of his tongue, the sensual, sexual creativity of his mind.

It is the pure heaven of his adoration.

It is one climax after another.

This is sex

But in a whole new language



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from the talented Neil Whiteley



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Brief case : More pleasure or pain?

All Tied up 3 by R J Thomas

This is the continued unpacking of my famous, decadent briefcase

First it was the bindings, and then a selection of tools. Here are the remaining contents:

Hitachi wand massager
It is perhaps my favourite device. It is mains powered and perhaps a little noisy. But with a couple of useful attachments it is a formidable tool for pleasure. It could probably give joy to a stone.

Lightweight nipple clamps joined with a chain
More for adornment than punishment

Heavyweight nipple clamps joined with a chain
These are serious stainless steel with a cruel bite.

Candles and a lighter
Hot wax is devastatingly sensual. Delicious, harmless pain.

Vibrating bullet that can be secured in position by ‘holster’ and straps
It gives unrelenting, inescapable pleasure while I do other things elsewhere on the body – or just leave it running.

Slim anal vibrator
An elegant tool that thrills

Egg shaped vibrator
This has given so much pleasure over the years. It can be inserted, but actually is most effective when not. It also has a tiny tail at the end that stimulates with subtlety.


I will let this post speak for the wonderful pinwheel

Electronic stimulation kit

Administering sensation through self adhesive pads or clamps. At low intensity it is a tickle of pleasure. As I increase the power it delivers currents that have the body dancing with a mixture of delight and danger.
 Marvellous when used in conjunction with other things.

The indispensable must haves: Lubricant gel, condoms, bondage tape, spare batteries, antiseptic toy cleaner etc

Of course, owning the tools is all very well.

It is having the knowledge, intuition, expertise and skill to use them.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from R J Thomas




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The Briefcase unpacked – ‘bindings’


This post will not appeal to everyone.

Indeed it may not appeal to many.

Perhaps only to those with a desire – mildly inquisitive or burning – to learn a little about this faded Dominant’s art. In my last post I suggested I might reveal the contents of my famous black briefcase – or at least of its far more nondescript successor. And so it shall be. For the squeamish it might be, as they say, time to look away now.

I will start with the ‘bindings’

Four hand-crafted black leather cuffs for ankles and wrists.
They were hand-made by a man who usually crafts his wares for the gay community, but made these to the measurements I provided for him based upon Rebecca. Somewhat smaller than his usual products, they have sturdy buckles and useful D rings which can be used with ropes, or the connectors described further below.

A collar, from the same source.
It has a detachable chain leash with a leather loop – which can be used as in impromptu whip.

Various lengths of thin rope
The ends were carefully taped at some stage by Jenny to stop the strands from fraying.

A spreader bar
Home made by me in a rare venture into handicrafts. Constructed from wood with various steel eyes to allow connections to cuffs, ropes etc in a variety of creative ways.

A leather blindfold
A velcro fastening makes for an easy but secure fitting

A length of black velvet
Also used as a blindfold, but the sensual feel of the material allows for pleasure too.

An over-door suspension strap
An ingenious device that can be fitted over the top of a door. Once the door is secured it provides a ring at almost ceiling height as a point to connect to. The context is best explained here.

Half a dozen steel clips and connectors
Unromantic fixings which allow all of the elements above to be connected together

A ball gag
I hardly ever use it – I would rather hear the sounds of pleasure and pain. But sometimes….

And now she is secure. I will unpack the instruments of pain …



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

The photo is by Possession and is called Bound 3. I appear to have mislaid the link





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