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Hard wired


The need

to own you

to direct you

to teach you

to nurture you

to control you

to excite you

to support you

to guide you

to protect you

to arouse you

to mentor you

to thrill you

to inspire you

to admire you


to adore you

is hard-wired

into this


sexually dominant




© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by William Whitaker



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Ten obituaries I would not be sorry to wake up to


Sometimes I get angry and think the world would be a better place if shit didn’t always float to the top when it comes to those in high office. And I check the news every morning in hope that natural causes will have culled a few.

This list could be four times longer, but these are the first ten that came to mind.


In alphabetical order:

Isaias Afewerki – Eritrean leader and mass murderer with rivers of innocent blood on his hands. Yet no one does anything.

Bashar al-Assad – utter Syrian filth who. among many other things, uses chemical weapons on his own people. Will do anything to stay in power.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – possibly (hopefully) already dead disgusting ISIS animal  who has twisted Islam into an excuse to commit atrocities in Arab countries and all over the world

Tony Blair – Ex UK Prime Minister – hypocrite, liar, and unpunished war criminal who was given a UN role as envoy to the Middle East (and secretly took money from Saudi Arabia while doing it) after killing thousands of Iraqi men, women and children and helping create even greater instability in the region.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – nasty power crazed Turkish Dictator who has turned a fledgling secular democracy emerging from military control into a brutal dictatorship .

Kim Jong-un – narcissistic, lying, celebrity leader of North Korea with no morality whatsoever and the emotional temperament of a 4-year-old. Widely ridiculed and yet feared by the rest of the world as one of the two most dangerous men on the planet.

Aung San Suu Kyi – hypocritical racist leader of Myanmar incorrectly awarded Nobel Peace Prize who is ethnically cleansing her country and denying it to the world.

Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwean murderer who has completely destroyed his country through corruption, brutality and fear. Why doesn’t he die?

Vladimir Putin – nasty, brutal, corrupt, ruthless, bloody-minded, cruel, evil, but cunning (certainly the most cunning and competent in this list) Russian tyrant and possibly the richest crook in the world

Donald Trump –  narcissistic, lying, celebrity leader of USA with no morality whatsoever and the emotional temperament of a 4-year-old. Widely ridiculed and yet feared by the rest of the world as one of the two most dangerous men on the planet.


This list will no doubt offend some people. People are so easily offended these days by almost anything. Personally I find the impact of extreme intolerance in the shape of war, greed, corruption, extreme religious views (of any faith), brutality, poverty, oppression, genocide, raw racism, etc to be things worth getting offended by.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art taken from internet, source unknown. If yours please let me know and I will credit or remove.








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Not all lives matter to me

ALL lives matter

It is not a cliché. Or a slogan. Or a wish. It is a truth.

Whatever sex, shade of skin, home country or country of origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, background, wealth or poverty, tribe, social standing, class or caste.

ALL lives matter.

Not only do all lives matter. But they all matter EQUALLY.

Nobody but nobody, is better or more important than anyone else.

But whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, if other innocent lives matter so little to you that you are prepared to kill, maim, rape, bully, terrorise, harass, subjugate or damage other lives …

Then your life does not matter to me

Not one little bit.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photograph taken from the web. I was going to use photos of flag waving ISIS extremists or American white supremacists or similar from elsewhere, but I could not bear to look at their foul hate filled faces.


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Getting ready

Art by Laszlo Gulyas


Getting ready


I adore the thought

of you

getting ready

hot water running

in rapid rivers

your skin slick

with scented soap

blushing with heat

and anticipation.


I adore the thought

of you

getting ready

lazily lingering

in lacy lingerie

sexily slipping

into silky stockings

sleek and sensual

in a sheath of a dress.


I adore the thought

of you

getting ready

pristine, painted

poised and peerless

and perfectly prepared

for me.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Laszlo Gulyas

This is another ‘not new’ post. It is originally from two years ago. There is something deeply arousing about a lover, whether physical or distant, getting ready. It is humbling, and yet fills me with pride.


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To further upset Dr. Who fans ….

Doctor Who fans seem divided over the regeneration of the Doctor into a woman.

Readers will know that I am not a regular viewer of television, but there are some exceptions. I have been a serious, lifelong fan of Dr. Who. I have watched it avidly for as long as I can remember and seen it wax and wane, and wax again.

I am delighted by the thirteenth Doctor. Since it’s rebirth in 2005 the show has been brave, clever, witty, moving and has broken ground in many ways. I believe Jodie Whittaker to be an inspired choice.I look forward to the new series.

Because her casting seems to have upset as many as it has pleased, I thought I would be mischievous and upset even more fans by giving my own very brief personal view of all the Doctors to date – and a score out of 10. It has to be said that recent Doctors have been better served by writers, budgets and the overall vision – and ironically time has not been kind to those in the middle years particularly.

One – William Hartnell – The original. Grumpy,  Irascible. Commanding. Set the bar.  6/10

Two – Patrick Troughton –  Intelligent, delightfully eccentric, unpredictable, underrated. 6/10

Three – Jon Pertwee –  Establishment, predictable, overrated. 3/10

Four – Tom Baker – Set a new bar. Exciting, narcissistic, bold, unconventional. 7/10

Five – Peter Davison – Nice but dull 5/10

Six – Colin Baker – Enthusiastic but unconvincing 4/10

Seven – Sylvester McCoy – Awful. The nadir of Dr. Who. 0/10

Eight – Paul McGann – Promising but short-lived 5/10

Nine – Christopher Eccleston – A new era. Focussed, intense, intelligent, believable 7/10

Ten – David Tennant – Mercurial, inventive, convincing, emotional, a superb Doctor 8/10

Eleven – Matt Smith – Off beat, sympathetic, likeable, unexpected 6/10

Twelve – Peter Capaldi – Deep, intense, powerful, dark, fallible, resourceful, challenging. My favourite 9/10

I said you wouldn’t like it.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo of Jodie Whittaker © BBC



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Walks this earth


There is a woman.

She walks this earth.

I have not met her, although I once came close. I have barely seen her, though glimpses have thrilled me. I have never spoken to her, although I swear I can hear her sweet accent in my head. And in my dreams.

I do not know her perfume but her scent thrills me. I have not touched her but can almost feel her skin beneath my finger tips. I have not looked into her eyes, but feel light-headed at the thought.

I have not owned her, but the hunger to do so consumes me.

There is a woman.

She walks this earth.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Steve Hanks

This is by no means new. I wrote it at least three years old. It has been plagiarised a number of times, which I am told is a compliment.  I like it very much. And one thing I do know for certain – there is a woman who walks the earth….



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Some days I am raw

I prowl and pace these rooms like a caged animal. My skin itches, my sinews are tight, my muscles cramp.  There is an ache deep in my bones.

My eyes burn with images of you dancing.

My long fingers yearn for your flesh.

I cannot focus on work, on words, on writing. I cannot apply myself to whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.

I am hard at the slightest thought of you

My mind is a tangle of ropes and restraints, cuffs and chains. My imagination is busy peeling off your clothes, kissing your throat, your breasts, your belly, your thighs.

My mouth on your sex. Your taste on my tongue.

I yearn for your body, your beauty, your pure and perfect form.

I long for you spread like sacrifice across a brass bed on white sheets.

I want your climax over and over

for my pleasure.

Some days I am so fucking raw.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

I wrote this two years ago. Some days – and nights – it has much resonance.

Photograph © Skatefreak14


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