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When the world

is torn by conflict

starved by greed

betrayed by belief

brutal with hate

it is enough to know

that you,

my angel,

are safe.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Posted two years ago, as true today

Art by Francine van Hove


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Should be a word


There should be a word

for that strange feeling you get

when you know

someone is looking

at every single post

you have ever written.


(In this case

someone in Spain)



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Mark Spain (unconnected)


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Art by Michael Liepke


she realises

her pulse racing

her heart pounding

her mouth dry

her thoughts tumbling

over themselves


that she

is the one he wants

that she

is his fantasy.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Michael Liepke

Written a couple of years ago. Yet sometimes relevant.



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Not all lives matter to me

ALL lives matter

It is not a cliché. Or a slogan. Or a wish. It is a truth.

Whatever sex, shade of skin, home country or country of origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, background, wealth or poverty, tribe, social standing, class or caste.

ALL lives matter.

Not only do all lives matter. But they all matter EQUALLY.

Nobody but nobody, is better or more important than anyone else.

But whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, if other innocent lives matter so little to you that you are prepared to kill, maim, rape, bully, terrorise, harass, subjugate or damage other lives …

Then your life does not matter to me

Not one little bit.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

I wrote and posted this last year. Nothing much has changed. All lives still matter.

Photograph taken from the web. I was going to use photos of flag waving ISIS extremists or American white supremacists or similar from elsewhere, but I could not bear to look at their foul hate filled faces.


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Without touching


He touches her

without touching her.


He holds her

without holding her.


He knows her

without knowing her.


He calls her

and her soul answers.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Caterina Pelle


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An incitement to rape?


I have published this post three times before, but it feels like a good time to post it again.


First posted September 1st 2015

Sometimes I get serious

It seems an ageing female rock star recently suggested in an interview with one of our sad excuses for a serious newspaper that women/girls who dress provocatively should expect to be molested – or worse – by men.

I can only believe she was misquoted – I haven’t read the article so I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

But let me be quite clear.

What a woman or girl wears is entirely her business. It can be sexy and revealing. It can be wild and kinky, It can be ‘slutty’ and sultry. It doesn’t matter. It is entirely her choice. It is her choice to make without fear of harassment, without threat of misogyny, without the danger of some sad prick believing it justifies any attention at all beyond silent admiration.

How a woman acts is equally up to her. If she wants to be a vamp. a princess, a tease, or a kitten she can. If she wants to get, drunk, stoned, utterly out of her mind it isn’t a cry for some mindless moron to take advantage of her, or see it as a come-on, or as an excuse to say she has got it coming to her.

So if you are a man who has so little control of himself that he thinks every scantily clad girl acting outrageously gives him the right to force himself on her, then I would suggest chemical castration is probably too good for you.

And if you are a woman who looks down your nose at someone of your own sex who exercises the freedom to be herself, or thinks that girls bring it on themselves, then all you are doing is colluding with the apes.

In a case of rape (or sexual assault) the woman or girl is never, ever at fault.  Even if she changes her mind at the very last minute, that is her prerogative, her choice, her right.  If a man ‘cannot stop himself’ then he is no more than an animal and deserves to be treated like one.

There is never, repeat never, any justification for rape, nor can any action by a woman be considered as incitement.


At some point I shall give my perspective on those who bleat and argue that ‘immodesty among women is against our religion, or is not part of our culture’. Attacking that misogynist, hypocritical, bullying shit deserves a whole post to itself.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo taken from Pinterest. Unsure of source. If it is yours please let me know and I will remove or credit.


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You are the girl

I want


in the spotlight

of my desire.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Hamish Blakely


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