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Many a submissive girl’s fantasy

A past lover adored this painting

‘The Assessors’, by Jack Vettriano.

To be naked and bound.  Perhaps blindfolded.  To be examined, admired and studied intently by strangers.  Smartly dressed men.

Perhaps touched and fondled.  If the Master allows it.

It is many a submissive girl’s fantasy.



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Every man

He forgets how lovely she is.

Their lives only touch at the edges.  He has not seen her for days.  She only visited him in his imagination.  He could not fully recreate her perfection in his fantasies.

So when they meet inevitably yet unexpectedly, he is knocked sideways by the collision.   He is stunned by the lithe and elegant sensuality of her body.  His breath is stolen by her brown-eyed beauty.

He is blown away by her smile.

He cannot understand why every man does not ache for her.

As he does.

(The photograph is a great favourite of mine – ‘American Girl in Italy’, taken by Ruth Orkin in 1951.  I love the way she has captured the impact of the girl’s innocent beauty on her testosterone-rich admirers).


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A Clever Capture

Scarlet ribbons, but not for her hair.

The art establishment may not always agree but I believe Vettriano’s work is powerful, evocative and instantly recognisable.  It oozes sensuality and some of it has a dark decadence that appeals to me. .

For me, this piece, Scarlet Ribbons, Lovely Ribbons works on two very different levels.  It has, for those of us with an interest in BDSM, great atmosphere.  The model, whose body is not perfect but is undeniably sensual, is secured to a wooden frame by red ribbons.  Her head is thrown back.  Her lips pout slightly.  One senses desire.  She is waiting in anticipation, excitement, and perhaps fear.  There is something religious about her pose – it is almost a crucifixion.  She is gorgeously submissive.

Yet one looks closer and one sees that the frame is an artist’s easel, daubed with paint.  The model has become the canvas, secured to the upright and cross member.  She is displayed in body rather than representation.  The label on the wall suggests a caption that would be found in a gallery.  She is the art itself.

It is a clever capture.



(Originally posted by me in Love Affair Diary)


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His Favourite Girl

Some in the art establishment will sniff at Jack Vettriano.

But I adore his work.  Not so much the slightly insipid beach paintings, but his darker, more erotic studies with its D/s and BDSM elements.

The women in Jack’s paintings are sensual and real.  Yes, they are stylised and some are glamorous, but their bodies are conjured from physical knowing rather than a schoolboy fantasy of silicone and air-brushed curves.

This is one of my favourites.  A semi naked woman is poised at the entrance to a room.  There is something relaxed and almost languid about her pose.  And yet to me she is electric with sensuality.

It as if she is on stage, the doors have become parted curtains, and she is looking out to her audience of one.  There are lights behind the seated man who is waiting for her.  They will shine upon her, and yet he too appears to be caught in the illumination.

I like the way Vettriano has caught the tilt of her hip, the honesty of her shape, and the erotic beauty of her submission.

Ah, for such a favourite girl.


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She is torn.

Between security and thrill.

She does not realise

Both are for the taking.


She is wired

By the promise of his message.

She does not recognise

Moments are sliding past.


She is sure

Of the power of her beauty.

She does not understand

The nature of his pride.



Copyright: The author writing as Romantic Dominant

This is a brand new poem. So much is taken for granted …

The painting is by Anne Magill and is called On The Town.


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If I could paint, I would paint like this

I adore Jack.   

This painting contains all of the reasons why his work appeals to a romantic Dominant like me. 

Reach out and Touch by Jack Vettriano

The man is fully clothed whereas the woman is essentially naked.  His shirt is full, expensive, the double cuffs undone and hanging loose.  It is almost Byronesque.  His trousers and the braces suggest another, earlier era and, in doing so, hint of glorious sin in times when society was less forgiving, making the tableaux even more decadent.

The girls nakedness makes her vulnerable.

He reaches across to touch her with his left hand.  It is a movement that is both full of tenderness and yet there is a touch of menace.  This is accentuated by what at first glance appears to be a cane or a whip in his right hand.  It is in fact a paintbrush. 

There is a host of conflicting signals. Has he been painting her on an unseen canvas? Is this a manifestation of desire between painter and model? Or are they already lovers and will he use the handle of the brush to paint wonderful pink marks on her delicious bottom?

The woman is a little slimmer than most Vettriano women and there is something almost girlish about her shape – and yet she is undeniably woman.  She is not prey.  She is there because she wants to be there, dressed in stockings.  There is something a little sulky about her pose, as if they have argued. Yet there is also a sense of pleasure at the anticipation, or the realisation of his touch.  Her back has that slight sensual arch of sexual arousal.  And yet there might be a little shiver of fear there too.

These are only my observations.  You may have your own perspective of the story that is unfolding on the canvas.  The artist himself may have had something completely different in mind.

To me it is exquisite Vettriano.  Dominance and submission. Tenderness and control.  Discipline and adoration.

If I could paint, I would paint like this.


(originally posted by me in Love Affair Diary)


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Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of others

Carl Jung


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