I am not a hunter

29 Feb


I am not a hunter

I am not, in this digital world of ghosts and shadows, friends and fakes, dreamers and poets, seeking to find a lover. To have my words read is a compelling enough motive. It is my primary goal.

And yet it is hard not to cross paths with the beautiful and bright, the innocent and intelligent, the creative and clever, the sexy and submissive, the shy and serious. It is hard not to attract and be attracted. It is the joy of this vast global crowd that we can meet so many kindred spirits.

And I would be lying if I said I had not touched and been touched by such special women.

Across the miles and by skin.

Yet I am not a hunter.

Except when it comes

to you.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez

I found this piece while looking for something else this morning. I wrote it five years ago. It is still true, although I have become a little more jaded, lazy and cynical over the years – so the last sentence may be redundant.


Posted by on February 29, 2020 in D/s, Poetry, Still Life


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3 responses to “I am not a hunter

  1. Daughter of Light

    March 2, 2020 at 8:39 am

    “[Except when it comes, to you.]
    I have become a little more jaded, lazy and cynical over the years – so the last sentence may be redundant.”

    …your voice deceives you, imho. Either that or your cynacism has taken on a life of itself…. possibly the side-effects of self mind-fucking? It has brought many a man’s mind to ruin 😬 Lovely poem nevertheless.

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