Don’t delete the kisses

24 Mar


Wolf Alice is one of my new favourite bands.

Surprisingly Wolf Alice has been around in one shape or another since 2010. This track is from the second studio album, Visions of a Life, released in September last year (2017).

I dangerously like the song and have been known to play it on serious repeat. The musicianship is good and that chorus is hypnotic (shades of Arcade Fire at their best). But what really gets me is the lyric, a wonderful capture of romantic uncertainty and breathless hope.

The video is sweet too. The actors in it are not the band members – if you want to see Wolf Alice play the song live go here. I have to admit I have a small crush on vocalist (and guitarist) Ellie Rowsell.

(This has been another of my ‘songs I like but you might not know’ posts)



Song written by and © Ellen Ciara Rowsell, Joel Donald Scott Amey, Jonathan David Oddie, Theodore Joseph Ellis. Performed by Wolf Alice

This post © the author writing as Romantic Dominant


Don’t delete the kisses

I see the signs of a lifetime, you ’til I die
And I’m swiftly out, Irish goodbye
What if it’s not meant for me? love
What if it’s not meant for me? love
I’d like to get to know you
I’d like to take you out
We’d go to The Hell Mary
And afterwards make out instead I’m typing you a message
That I know I’ll never send
Rewriting old excuses
Delete the kisses at the end
When I see you, the whole world reduces
To just that room
And then I remember and I’m shy that gossip’s eye will look too soon
And then I’m trapped, overthinking
And yeah, probably self-doubt
You tell me to get over it and to take you out
But I can’t, I’m too scared
And there’s the night-bus, I have to go
And the doors are closing and you were waving
And I like you, and I’ll never let it show
And you won’t wait and maybe I won’t mind
I work better on my own
And now I’m, well, a bit drunk
And I ask myself
What if it’s not meant for me? love
What if it’s not meant for me? love
A few days pass since I last saw you
And you have taken over my mind
I’m re-telling jokes you made that made me laugh
Pretending that they’re mine
I wanna tell the whole world about you
I think that that’s a sign
I’m losing self control and it’s you
It really is, one thousand times
I look at your picture and I smile
How awful’s that? I’m like a teenage girl
I might as well write all over my notebook
That you ‘rock my world!’
But you do, you really do
You’ve turned me upside down
And that’s okay, I’ll let it happen
‘Cause I like having you around
I’m electric, a romantic cliché
And they really are all true
And we catch eyes in a stupid party
I know exactly what to do
I’ll take your hand, and we will leave
French exit for me and you
You know I’m home, a little bit drunk
Some things don’t change and I know now
Me and you were meant to be in love
Me and you were meant to be in love
Me and you
I see the signs of a lifetime, you ’til I die



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4 responses to “Don’t delete the kisses

  1. Just_Libby

    March 24, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Heard them awhile back on a Northern California indi station. It was perfectly pouring and we were driving through the giant redwoods as night came creeping… have loved them ever since… Blush is the song that played and the one that hooked me.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. operalover1974

    March 28, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Very sweet.

    Liked by 1 person


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