Man of the World

16 Jun


Many of my ‘songs I like but you might not have heard’ posts are from fairly recent times.

This one is different. It goes all the way back to 1969. It is Fleetwood Mac in one of its early line ups, long before the ‘Rumours’ Buckingham and Nicks days.

When I came across it for the first time at some point much later, it was like an electric shock. It seemed to have been written about me.

Some days acutely so.



Song written © Peter Green and performed by Fleetwood Mac

This post © the author writing as Romantic Dominant


“Man Of The World”

Shall I tell you about my life
They say I’m a man of the world
I’ve flown across every tide
And I’ve seen lots of pretty girlsI guess I’ve got everything I need
I wouldn’t ask for more
And there’s no one I’d rather be
But I just wish that I’d never been born

And I need a good woman
To make me feel like a good man should
I don’t say I’m a good man
Oh, but I would be if I could

I could tell you about my life
And keep you amused I’m sure
About all the times I’ve cried
And how I don’t want to be sad anymore
And how I wish I was in love


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5 responses to “Man of the World

  1. House of Heart

    June 17, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    I was very moved by the lyrics of this song. We all need to love passionately and be love in return. It drives us because that love may be around the next corner. I had not heard this before or even knew the history of Fleetwood Mac prior to Buckingham and Nicks. Here’s to a beautiful day Mr D.

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  2. CuteFaceAI

    June 18, 2017 at 7:54 am

    My favourite era of Fleetwood Mac, very much “my time”. The song lyrics are haunting, he’s talking directly to the listener, it seems. Another favourite of mine is their bluesy “Need Your Love So Bad” which is worth a listen too. Thank you for reminding me of this song.

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