Angel – Fifth Part : Beneath his gaze

11 Jul

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


She is waiting.

He takes his time.

The room is silent save for her uneven breathing. A floorboard creaks as he moves around her.  She desperately searches for him in the darkness of the blindfold, a slight inquiring tilt of her head. He notes it, and smiles.

He admires her body. The black lingerie contrasts with her creamy pale skin. The smooth curve of breasts fills the cups of her bra perfectly, her cleavage is a sweet valley. He panties are low on her hips, leaving her naval like an island adrift on the perfect sea of her belly. Her legs, in the heels, are exquisite.

He takes a number of items from the black briefcase.

Facing her, he reaches behind and captures her hands, bringing them around to the front. They come without resistance. He fixes a leather cuff on each wrist. He strokes her forearms to reassure her…

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