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Never go away

Blue Window by Thomas Saliot

It can be so tempting.

You remember the first steps of discovery. The tentative words.

The sense of recognition. The coincidences. The incredible similarities. The attraction of opposites.

The meeting of minds.

How you laughed

at everything.

The endless, meandering, bright, eloquent, charming, perfect conversations.

Light shining in eyes.

You recall the desire, the ache, the longing, the shared yearning.

The exploration.

The bliss of bodies.

The joy of one.


It is so tempting to go back

But the reasons why

it all went wrong

never really go away.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Thomas Saliot



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All afternoon

Chaos by Henry Ascencio

A cool, darkened room.

Outside the sun is blistering the wooden shutters. Narrow shafts of light sear between the wood, striping the walls and ceiling.

And streaming all over you.

They band your body, striping you cream and coffee coloured

You are naked, face up, on the white-sheeted bed.

You are stretched out in a star shape. Your wrists and ankles are secured to the four corners by ropes through steel D rings on strong black leather cuffs. The bindings permit little movement. No matter how hard you tug and strain against them

You have been here for almost an hour. I have caressed you, kissed you, licked you, stroked you. I have nibbled you, kneaded you, and lightly scratched you. I have teased you with my pin wheel, with a soft brush, with a scarf of silk, and with my twelve stranded flogger, trailed over your skin.

And with two of the half a dozen toys that I have carefully arranged on the oak bedside table.

I have a Hitachi wand in my right hand. It whirrs rather noisily yet it is a faithful servant. I am applying it expertly to your already swollen and glistening sex. With my left hand I am tugging and pinching your hard-as-berry nipples. Your body is bucking and arching, wanting to push away from the wand’s relentless, dimpled, vibrating touch yet at the same time to thrust yourself against it.

Your breathing is urgent and hard. You are panting and crying, sighing and moaning. I know you are desperate to speak, to shout something at me. But you do not. I have forbidden you words.

Your body is dancing now. Strands of your hair are damp and clinging with perspiration. Your face is suffused and flushed with deep arousal. Your eyes roll back. Your mouth is open.

Your muscles tighten. You shudder. The orgasm reverberates through you.

It is your third climax.

The toy continues to send spasms through you. You make small noises of protestation. I smile. After a while I switch it off and idly but dangerously trail my fingers over your inner thighs.

I consider which device to use next.

Later I may reposition you face down.

Later still I will fuck you.

I have all afternoon ahead of me.

I am torturing you with pleasure.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Henry Asencio



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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

She is sleeping

Her breathing is shallow. Her chest rises and falls. He counts the seconds and studies her for signs of waking.

There are none.

He says her name. Softly.

Again. A little louder. But still quietly. He does not really want her to stir.

He gently takes her hand in his. It is small, and soft, and cool. Her fingers lie over his. They are quiet and still. His thumb and forefinger circle her wrist. He can feel her pulse. He imagines it quickening, but he cannot be sure. He lowers her hand to the bed.

She is beautiful. Her hair is raven black against her pale skin. Her lips are perfectly formed and ruby-red. She is wearing a pure white dress that is fitted at the breast, tight at the waist, and clinging to her hips. There is a long line of small pearl buttons from the scooped collar to bottom of the hem. They beckon him like a drug.

He knows he should kiss her, rouse her from her slumber, bring her back to consciousness.

But her still and perfect form has mesmerised him, captivated him, bewitched him. He feels himself harden as he moves towards her. He murmurs her name again. His throat stifles the sound.

He reaches out and with almost trembling fingers he strokes her cheek. Her skin is warm to his touch.

She does not stir.

He carefully undoes the first of the buttons. And then another. And a third. The gorgeous swell of her breasts makes him dizzy with desire.

At the sixth button, as the material begins to peel open, he realises she is naked underneath.


She is not sleeping.

She senses him standing by the narrow bed, gazing at her. She knows his eyes are upon her, taking in every curve, and every line. She waits. And tries to control her breathing.

She focuses on keeping perfectly still.

She hears him say her name. Twice. She ignores it, forbidding her eyelids to flicker.

He picks up her hand. His sudden touch in the darkness almost makes her flinch with surprise. His fingers are long and thin. She fears he will feel her pulse race crazily as his thumb presses against her flesh. He releases her gently, and she knows.

She is certain about what is going to happen when she hears her name a third time, and it is said like a faint prayer in a hoarse and caressing whisper.

His touch upon her cheek is like fire. She almost gasps at her own arousal.

He begins to undo the buttons of her dress.



Deliciously slowly.

This is heaven.

She will not wake now.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from Quelarie83 (Serena Biagini)





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Should know better




Beauty is not what it was.


The world is full

of airbrushed images

of synthetic women,

endlessly manufactured

by TV, film and magazine.


Identikit starlets

with interchangeable faces

and regulation bodies,

designed to appeal

to the lowest-common-denominator

unimaginative man.



And to be envied by women

who should know better.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from Madelaine B




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Angel – Ninth Part : Everything

Final part

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


The pin wheel criss-crosses her belly.

The sensation, electric, tingling, sharp, dangerous,  makes the muscles dance beneath her skin. She moans as its stinging path begins to move towards her sex. She tests the bindings that secure her arms above her head. She can twist her upper body but the door at her back limits her movement.  The spreader bar at her ankles keeps her legs parted, immobile, and stops her escaping from the cruel, wonderful spikes.

She wonders momentarily what she is doing here in this anonymous hotel room at the admittedly slender and expert hands of an almost stranger. She only knows him as a poet, a seducer with words, a master of the heart. She has read his dark writings and knew what to expect.

Except that she could never have imagined how she would feel. Naked, vulnerable, aroused, and utterly adored. In a way she had…

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Angel – Eighth Part : Pin wheel

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


He tugs gently at the tie on the side of her lacy black panties.

The bow unravels easily, She feels the slight tension of it release away from her skin. The material peels away , revealing the trimmed narrow line of her pubic hair. He lets gravity take its course, and then releases the other side. The last piece of clothing falls from her silently.

She is naked. Her arms are secured above her head, Her back is against the cool wood of the door. Her legs are kept apart by the spreader bar attached to the leather cuffs at her ankles. The blindfold has stolen her vision.

She is breathless. She fears she may faint. She aches. A hunger that fills her swollen sex and radiates through her body in intense waves of desire. She has never felt anything like this before and yet he has barely touched her…

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Angel – Seventh Part : He will find her

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


She looks divine.

Her arms raised above her head.

The leather cuffs around her wrists are secured by a simple device to the top of the door. Her naked back is against the cold, painted wood. She is wearing nothing but lacy black panties, tied at the sides. And her unusually-bold-for-her fuck-me heels.

And a black leather blindfold, tied about her brave head.

He taps the inside of her ankles. One, then the other. She instinctively knows it is a signal to place her feet further apart. He takes the spreader bar and clips it to the D ring on each cuff. She senses, but does not test, that she cannot now close her legs.

She feels his hand upon her left calf. It is not where she expected him to begin. His fingers are cool. She remembers them. Long, slender, and sensitive. Such elegant, beautiful hands. She feels a…

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