08 Jun

This hunger never goes away.
Only the feast changes.
Two years ago, to the day.

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

I devour you secretly with my eyes.

I am hungry for your presence, ravenous for your beauty.

I want to take you in whole.  One magnificent glorious vista, one gorgeous portrait, one high-definition-full-resolution-never-fading screen capture for my memory. Such divine visual food to somehow satisfy this desperate, aching desire.  To help sustain me when you are gone.

Then I want to take you piece by piece,  An inch at a time.  An eye, a nail, a lock of hair, the lobe of an ear….

Yet I hardly have such control.  I take your lips, your mouth, your nose, the hollow of your throat, the elegant swell of your delicious breasts, a wrist, an ankle, an arm, the heavenly architecture of your thighs….

I have swallowed you whole again.

My eyes devour you like starving man, made weak by famine, who has no sight of his next meal.

I try not…

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