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Two years ago. But it might have been two hundred. Or two thousand. Or two days in the future.
She is my destiny.

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

They first meet two thousand years ago

A raw sun burns a hole through an Egyptian blue sky.  She dances for him in a palace of fire . Her magnificent body is slick with oil and clad in a costume of silk and veils.  There are twenty other women chosen for their perfection and their beauty but he sees only her. She wordlessly becomes his beneath a velvet sky studded with stars.

In Byzantium they are lovers. Rich, proud and aloof aristocrats, they undress each other in the candlelight and lie upon jewelled pillows beneath a ceiling of pure gold.  He ties her wrists and ankles.

In Venice they pass each other at a masked ball.  They brush hands but are unaware of each other’s presence.

He wears her brightly coloured favour, perfumed with her love, at a joust. His opponent’s lance spills his crimson blood over it, staining it…

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Not realised

Stasya and Kali 12

I’m not quite sure how the subject arose

We were eating out.

In those wild, heady days when you and I were one.

An oak-rich tapas bar where the dark wood was warmly illuminated by flickering candle light. We had shared calamares a la romana, gambas al ajillo, and patatas bravas, among other dishes. We had demolished most of a bottle of rioja and were intimately side by side on a leather bench seat.

The waitress, a petite Spanish girl with lovely brown eyes, dusky skin, and thick, lustrous, black hair came to ask if we wanted coffee. I smiled at her and said something complimentary that made her blush. I watched her appreciatively as she walked away, her small hips delicious in her tight black skirt.

‘Do you want her?’ you asked. You were smiling and your eyes were shining. You knew my love for beauty. You also knew my fidelity to you.

I laughed. 
‘She is rather gorgeous,’ I replied.

Suddenly we were having a discussion about my having two submissives. You, and another, younger one. And how I would instruct you to undress her, tie her, tease her, torment her. How I would tell you to lower your perfect mouth to her breasts and to her swollen lips.

And for me then to reverse your roles, and have her working on your lovely body. I would of course assist in both cases with my fingers and tongue, whips, tools and toys.

The discussion was entertaining enough to see us through much coffee, and a brandy or two. I did map out a plan that night. I never got around to executing it.

I sometimes allow myself to consider the prospect.

It is one of the few fantasies I have never realised.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

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New Language


This is sex

There is no doubt about that.

Yet it is so much wilder and darker, decadent and dangerous, trusting and romantic than anything she ever imagined.

It is heady with instruction, breathless with restraint, stern with control, religious with submission.

It is pungent with leather, rough with rope, inky with blindfold, and stinging with whip.

It is the cold fire of nipple clamps, the gorgeous burn of wax.

It is the endless, mounting, sustained, relentless, overwhelming waves of pleasure from his briefcase of toys.

It is the skill of his long fingers, the magic of his tongue, the sensual, sexual creativity of his mind.

It is the pure heaven of his adoration.

It is one climax after another.

This is sex

But in a whole new language



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from the talented Neil Whiteley



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Know for sure


I play a game.

When I am travelling.

I might be in an airport lounge. Or in a crowded underground carriage. Or on a busy street. Or on an overground train rattling through the green countryside.

Sometimes I play it when I am shopping. Or at a party. Or in a restaurant. Or in meetings.

Or best of all when I am simply watching the world go by on some pavement cafe with the sun stretching the skin of my face and a glass of red wine close to hand.

I watch women. And the game I play is to guess which of them has a sexually submissive soul.

I study the way they move. Their expression. The way their body shifts as they walk. Their clothes. The man they might be with. I look for a dozen tell-tale signs. I search their faces.

I like to think that I am good at it. I have played it a long time.

Yet in truth, even with my sharp sixth sense and dangerous instinct, I have no real way of telling.

Unless our eyes meet.

Then I know for sure.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Thomas Saliot



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Brief case : More pleasure or pain?

All Tied up 3 by R J Thomas

This is the continued unpacking of my famous, decadent briefcase

First it was the bindings, and then a selection of tools. Here are the remaining contents:

Hitachi wand massager
It is perhaps my favourite device. It is mains powered and perhaps a little noisy. But with a couple of useful attachments it is a formidable tool for pleasure. It could probably give joy to a stone.

Lightweight nipple clamps joined with a chain
More for adornment than punishment

Heavyweight nipple clamps joined with a chain
These are serious stainless steel with a cruel bite.

Candles and a lighter
Hot wax is devastatingly sensual. Delicious, harmless pain.

Vibrating bullet that can be secured in position by ‘holster’ and straps
It gives unrelenting, inescapable pleasure while I do other things elsewhere on the body – or just leave it running.

Slim anal vibrator
An elegant tool that thrills

Egg shaped vibrator
This has given so much pleasure over the years. It can be inserted, but actually is most effective when not. It also has a tiny tail at the end that stimulates with subtlety.


I will let this post speak for the wonderful pinwheel

Electronic stimulation kit

Administering sensation through self adhesive pads or clamps. At low intensity it is a tickle of pleasure. As I increase the power it delivers currents that have the body dancing with a mixture of delight and danger.
 Marvellous when used in conjunction with other things.

The indispensable must haves: Lubricant gel, condoms, bondage tape, spare batteries, antiseptic toy cleaner etc

Of course, owning the tools is all very well.

It is having the knowledge, intuition, expertise and skill to use them.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from R J Thomas




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In your sunlight


I stumbled on your words.

I wasn’t looking. But somewhere an age ago on my own back pages you had made a comment and left behind the inevitable avatar footprint. Relationships leave so many tracks these digital days.

Without really thinking I found myself at your blog.

It is completely you. I mean, it reflects you. How I remember you anyway. Elegant, feminine, uncluttered, intelligent and creative. A sense of style. Sending a statement of who you are. I felt impressed, but then I always was.

I wasn’t going to read anything.

I don’t want to know about your life now. Your successes, your lovers, your writing, your photographs, your music, all your dreams coming true. But I couldn’t help myself. I scrolled down through the entries. I have always liked the way you write.

There are posts which I was temporarily certain were about me. Yet I rationalised, looking at the dates, too much time had passed for it to possibly be so. I felt an inevitable stab of jealousy that someone else could have stirred you to write words that I would have cherished. Words that I would have been so proud to inspire.

And a small part of me clings to the hope, ridiculous I know, that I am in your mind every now and again as you tap at your keyboard

I didn’t stay for long. Although it is a public site it still seemed like prying. And I had this strange feeling you would somehow discover me there. A dark and now unwelcome stranger, lurking amongst your pages.

A shadow in your sunlight.

I will not return.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from iNeedChemicalX





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Briefcase : Pleasure or pain?


Pleasure or pain?

The brain processes both in a similar way.

Arousal blurs the edges.

I had planned to list the ‘instruments’ in my famous black briefcase in separate categories in different posts, but whereas the bindings are straightforward, defining the purpose of tools of my art is less so. Instead I will let the reader decide into which category each item should fall.
I list at random:

Antique riding crop
It has an elegant brown leather handle with a silver cap. It is tight braided dark leather with a stinging loop at the tip. Once used on the flanks of my mounts … and actually, in a manner of speaking, is still used that way. It had a starring role in  Stable

Waterproof Rabbit vibrator

The usual friend of many, although I am not sure why I purchased a waterproof version. However I can testify that it does work in the shower.

Black twelve tail leather flogger
It can be used very softly to trail and tease over the skin, or can leave lovely rosy lines when wielded with purpose

Mini flogger

A sweet baby version of the above that is perfect for more intimate discipline and pleasure

Large black rubber dildo

It is quite a beast. It has a realistic curve to it and is smoothly ribbed. The suction base can be secured to chairs, tables, walls and floors etc

Nipple clamps with vibrating weights.
A unique sensation, so I am told

A soft ballet shoe
It belonged to Jenny and somehow found its way into the bag. A wonderful spanking item

Anal beads

The shaft is about eight inches long and the beads become progressively larger

Assorted clothes pegs

They are called clothes pins in the USA I believe. I have wooden and plastic. Simple but effective

… and already the list has become too long for one post. I have no wish to bore the reader

I will list more another day.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

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