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Angel -Third Part : A deeper breath


She is standing before him.

He has placed a blindfold about her head.  She knows that it is made of leather because she can smell its heady scent. He has shut out the light completely.

Immediately the darkness has made her hearing sharper, made her other senses more acute.  Her heart is pounding so loudly that she is sure that it must be filling the room with its rapid, urgent beat.

She wonders why she has trusted this man. She knows nothing about him except his words and his voice. They have thrilled her, seduced her, enchanted her, compelled her for months. Post after post on his blog, mail after mail, text after text, phone conversation after conversation.

She has never done anything like this before. Ever.

Until this evening she did not even know how he looked. Even now, in the dark, she can barely construct him. Piercing eyes surrounded by reassuring laughter lines, A charming smile. Tall. Slender. Silver haired. And those hands … god .. those long, musician’s hands upon her.

She can hardly believe she is in this room with him. That she has given herself. There is no turning back.  She is nervous and anxious, Yet she is excited. No, she is much more than excited. She is incredibly aroused. He has touched something deep inside her. Something primal.  Something she has almost been afraid of.

She knows she is very wet.

He has moved behind her. His fingers have traced a line along the skin of her neck, just above the material of her black dress.

He has the tongue of the zip between his thumb and forefinger.

She takes an even deeper breath.

She already feels more naked than she has ever been.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from SecretWinDancer

Part One

Part Two


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Not a Rehearsal Revisited

You can have every fantasy

You can have every fantasy

Every dark, delicious, decadent desire that you barely allow into your thoughts.  Every aching, arching, secret longing that has ever made you breathless at just the scent of possibility.  Every sensual, sinful secret that so far has never ventured to cross your lovely lips

I will give you every wild, wanton wish, every whispering need. You can share anything and everything.

I will teach you so much, show you so much. I will give you the glorious, deeply erotic almost-holy dynamic of dominance and submission. I will make your body sing, make it soar. I will use you, and I will worship you.  I will fill you with sensation and pleasure beyond your imagination. I will make you suffer such arousing, ecstasy-edged pain. I will teach you about yourself, and about your own desires, and about men.  I will turn you into an extraordinary lover.

I will adore you – mind, body and soul.  Adore you in a way that you will never be adored by another. Never.  I will adore every perfect, exceptional inch of you, every smile, every movement, every sentence you utter, every breath. Every curve, every fold, every hollow, every muscle, every pore of your gorgeous skin.  I will undress you, touch you, caress you, whip you, stroke you, tie you, lick you, blindfold you, kiss you, admire you.  I will sigh at your exquisite nakedness. I will make you feel wonderful. You are wonderful.

I will paint my adoration in words that make your heart skip a beat, that thrill you, that coax delighted blushes into your cheeks and make your wonderful brown eyes shine. Words that will still warm your heart when years have passed and we are but a golden memory. Words that are true and capture your heavenly perfection.

I will give you a romance of rare beauty, a romance that is pure and uncomplicated, that exists in its own private place, that does not touch those we love and those who are our future.  A romance that has no tears, no expectations and no regrets.

I will give you a passion, a joy and a fulfilment that is far, far beyond the everyday. 

I will give you this sacred moment that will never come again.  Because Life is not a Rehearsal.


She read the message carefully and, just for the briefest of beats she imagined herself as his lover, his submissive, his Muse and his friend.

For a second she held her breath and let the tingle run through her.

For an instant she saw a wild, intense, and completely insane affair with him filling her days with something unique, sexual, special, raw and electric. Something that she knew was once-in-a-lifetime.

But not this lifetime. Or her lifetime.

She smiled and shook her head. With a finger full of complete certainty she tapped the delete key.

It was his final message to her.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from the web, but not sure where from. Apologies.

I was asked yesterday – by someone who has kindly been reading my blog for some time – which is the post with which I most pleased. I am not really a man for lists, but this is certainly one of my favourites. Partly because it actually began life as an e-mail and the part in italics is exactly the words I wrote to someone with whom I had become rather foolishly infatuated. For the record, she did say no, we did write to each other again, but we are no longer in contact.

In hindsight her decision was wise.


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Over You


Over You


She caught my eye

She’s something new.

A different dress.

A different shoe.

And now I know

I’m over you.


I gave her words

Like I did with you.

A different smile

A different view

And now I know

I’m over you.


She broke my heart

Far worse than you.

A different pain

A different blue.

And now I know

I’m over you.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from TomekKarol


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Angel – Second Part : Darkness


He lays the blindfold over her right shoulder.

With practiced movements he removes her earrings and, carefully replacing the butterflies on their pins, stows them in his inner jacket pocket.

He touches her with both hands.

His long slender fingers trail down her cheeks, under her chin and around her throat.  They run over her lips.

Gentle, sensual, dangerous.

He caresses her head, her face, her neck.  He runs his hands through her hair, combing it, stroking her scalp. He tenderly explores and massages her ears, tugging at the now naked lobes.

He takes her face in between his hands. His dark eyes, a strange mix of hazel and blue with an amber halo around the pupil like a solar eclipse, look long into hers. They hold hers for what seems like a lifetime, seeing inside her, discovering her secrets, searching for her soul.

She can bear it no longer, and lowers her lids.

“Say it.’ He says quietly.

“I am yours,” she whispers, bravely looking at him again, barely mouthing the words. ‘To do with as you will.” Her mouth is dry.

He takes the black leather blindfold and ties it at the back of her head.

She is in darkness.

Giving herself to a man she barely knows.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from Malum non Vide

This is a continuation of the story begun here


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Angel – The First Part : It Begins


You stand before me.

You are clothed in a simple black dress, arms and shoulders bare. It clings lovingly to your elegant curves. The hem circles your legs at mid-thigh. Your heels are precipitously high. You are almost coltish in them.

The hotel room is close to silent while somewhere outside the old part of the city comes alive with the evening. Its faint echoes are quieter than your heartbeat. You take deep breaths. There is a pulse flickering in your throat. Your eyes are wide and shining.

They dart around the room, taking in the heavy antique furniture, the deep cushioned sofa, the wide four-poster bed. My famous black briefcase is on the chest of drawers.  It is closed although the clasps are ominously, thrillingly, undone.

You look at me. Your smile is nervous, hesitant, excited beyond measure.

It does not survive my quiet stare.

I soften my expression and you are reassured. You bow your sweet head. I nod my own, pleased.

‘Take the first position.’ I instruct you. My voice is low and deep. You are startled by the sound and for a moment I can see every memory of my distant teaching fly from your mind and become lost in the dark corners.

You put your arms behind your back, fingers entwined. You move your feet so they are a shoulder’s width apart. A lock of hair falls across your face.  Your instinct is to brush it away, but you do not.

I approach you. You are trembling. You run your tongue over your lips.

You glance at the blindfold in my hand.

It begins.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Photo stolen from deeperunderground



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Nothing to Prove

Solitary Man in a Cafe

He has nothing to prove to himself.

A warm but insistent breeze is testing the new leaves.  Wispy white clouds are sailing across a wide sky. The sun is tenderly stretching the skin of his face.

He shades his eyes as it rises above the silent house.  He tilts his laptop to better see the screen. He types words quickly with two fingers as he as always done, tapping harder for emphasis. As if it will underscore the letters. Until his limited attention span is spent.

Yawning, he surveys his mailbox for the last time.

He stands and stretches his long, denim clad legs.  He raises his arms above his head in a primal salute to distantly approaching summer, catching a scent of it on the dancing air. He exhales slowly, letting his thoughts and emotions float away on his breath.

He snaps the macbook shut.

He has nothing to prove to himself

He has nothing to prove to anyone.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Painting stolen from the web but I have no idea of provenance so cannot credit it


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No Stranger to Beauty Revisited


No Stranger to Beauty


I am no stranger to beauty

It has thrilled me,

haunted me,

betrayed me,

pursued me,

evaded me.

It has danced wild with me

Through soft, velvet night.

It has lain gentle with me

In the quiet, silver dawn.


I am no stranger to beauty.

It has inspired me,

Calmed me,

Enraged me,

Tortured me,

Chained me.

It has walked easy with me

On golden summer days.

It has danced only for me

With urgent promise in its eyes.


I am no stranger to beauty.

But yours …

Brown eyed

And naked.

Pale skinned

and perfect.

Has taken my breath away.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez

It would seem an apt time to revisit this post today.  It was written the day after an extraordinary, unexpected, magical night with one of the sweetest. most beautiful women I have ever known,  It is almost exactly a year ago.
We will never meet again.


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